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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Game 5: The More Things Change...

Getting back to their old form last night, the Nomads lost their game against upper division ATSC, 1-8. During the first five minutes of game, the Nomads were able to keep the score level at 1-1 and, better still, were playing in a form that looked good enough to give the visiting upper level team a run for the money. Unfortunately, the Nomads would not be able outrun their past and once ATSC increased the score to 1-4, the Nomads' old form began to come through. With the defense scrambling to slow down ATSC's attacks coupled with little to no passing on the offense, the Nomads quickly fell apart, ending their 3-game winning streak.

Fortunately, the Nomads have earned enough points so far to maintain the first place spot in the division, and with the Rockets beating the Mongrels 6-4 last night, the Nomads are in a better position to hold onto first place. The current standings and points are:

1) Nomads 9
2) Rockets 7
3) Tuesday Meatloaf 4
4) Mogrels 3
5) Old Dogs 0

Given these standings and two sets of games left to be played, there are three scenarios for how the Nomads can finish the season:

Scenario 1 - In an unprecedented show of talent, determination, and bribery, the Nomads win their remaining two games, giving them an unbeatable 15 points, and they win the division for the regular season.

Scenario 2 - The Nomads win one of their two remaining games, locking in at least a 2nd place finish. If Rockets fail to win both of their remaining games, Nomads will walk away with the 1st place title. This is hopefully the most likely scenario, as the Nomads have a good chance at winning next week's game against third place Tuesday Meatloaf and the Rocket's next two games will be against teams from the upper division, one of which is undefeated.

Scenario 3 - Nomads choke (or as I like to call it: play like they used to) and manage to lose both remaining games. In that case, they can finish as low as 4th place. But in a odd way, it is nice to take comfort in the fact that no matter how poorly the Nomads play from here on out, they won't come in last place - a position in which the Nomads are all too familiar.

Of those three scenarios, Scenario 2, in all its bold-face glory, is most likely by my reckoning. And I'd be willing to go further (although hopefully without incurring Fate's sense of...well, fate) that the Rockets will probably not win either of their games against the upper division teams, giving the Nomads the title for the regular season (yes, there will be play-offs following). But I know better than to count my chickens before they fall apart defensively, so at this point, I'm hoping for at least a 2nd place finish for the Nomads.

And after the regular season come the play-offs, and I don't even want to venture a guess about that for fear of jinxing the Nomads and having things really go back to "staying the same".

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Game 4: Math Trumps History, Nomads Continue Win Streak

In a hard-fought game last night, the Nomads beat the Mongrels 9-6. Nomads took an early and sizeable 3-0 lead which, unfortunately in typical Nomads style, they then gave up by allowing the Mongrels four unanswered goals. For most of the game, Mongrels would jump ahead with a one-point lead whenever the Nomads tied the score. With about 4 minutes left on the clock, the Nomads tied the score 6-6. Then Nomads got a break when forward, Sean Hyde, fired a fast knuckle ball outside the 2-point range, giving the Nomads an 8-6 lead. Two minutes later, the Nomads secured their lead and the win with one more goal, ending the game 9-6.

The Nomads have strengthened their hold on first place, now holding the coveted position for a record three weeks in a row (the old record being zero weeks). While nothing is certain at this point in the season, if the Nomads can manage one more win in the remaining three games, they will more than likely secure at least a record-setting second place finish. But if Chance looks on favorably, the Nomads may accomplish something that until this time seemed unattainable: win the series title.

Next week, the Nomads face off against ATSC, the second place team from the higher National Division. While the odds may be against the Nomads in the upcoming match, with the recent run of luck it may be foolish to predict how it can turn out.

And on final thought, if the Nomads actually manage to win the series title and consequentially usher in Armageddon, we can take comfort in the fact that this won't happen until at least the Tuesday after Christmas, which is Boxing Day. Sorry England, Canada, and Australia.

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's A Christmas Miracle

I finally figured out how to upload photos to the blog so that when you click on them, you can see the full-size image! Now I can go back and update all the other photos so you can see the full-size image, too! Woohoo!

This is true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown.

(The photo was taken during the holiday decorating festivities at C's this weekend.)